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Shenzhen Fu Shengda Precision Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. in July 2015
Release Time:2015-11-23
July 31, 2015, is a worthy and exciting day, a group of outstanding employees born. In accordance with company practice, in the last day of this month will be on the team were outstanding awards ceremony each month; and July, won the outstanding team that we make group -C group. In July the company they appraisal projects, whether it is mold production quality, cost savings tryout times, mold complete respect speed, 7S execution, are ahead of the other teams. Companies not only need good employees as a backup, but also need the cooperation of employees intimacy, play to their talents in tacit cooperation, the proposed solutions to the problem, so in order to win in the competition, grow, grow. The company make every employee can learn to grow, to learn not only skills, but also important is the exchange and cooperation. I hope you make persistent efforts, scaled new heights, create brilliant!
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