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The development prospect of plastic mould and the way of enterprises' Upgrading
Release Time:2015-11-19
        Automobile production in more than 90% of the parts need to rely mold forming. Automobile mold means the mold used in the automotive field, known as the "mother of the automotive industry." In the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the automotive industry, mold industry more than 40% of the products are automobile mold, while in China, only about 1/3 of the mold products and services for the automotive industry.
      According to China Mould Association 2011 statistics, China's total sales of mold plastic mold the largest proportion, accounting for 45%; 37% of stamping die; Die Casting about 9%; other types of survey with a total of about 9%.
      Mold has a single-piece production, many processes, long production cycle characteristics, in the current competitive market conditions, how to ensure product quality, control production costs, shorten the development cycle is a critical step in the enterprise.
      In recent years, mold making industry in China to maintain sustained growth in 2004 - during the 2012 annual compound growth rate of 13.77 percent, in 2015 China's mold total sales to 137 billion yuan, ranked in the world, has become the largest producer of mold. According to customs statistics, in 2012, exports of 3.731 billion US dollars mold, an increase of 24.16%, imports amounted to $ 2.484 billion, an increase of 11.14% over the previous year. According to China's mold industry, "second Five Year Plan", China's mold industry's total sales in 2015 to reach about $ 174 billion; 85% to meet the domestic market, the proportion of high-grade die more than 40%. The plastic mold accounted for 45% market share ratio calculation mold, plastic mold 2015 will reach 78.3 billion yuan in the market.
      Accelerate technological upgrading of enterprises, so that the "Made in China" gluten bone health, quality and efficiency, the formation of new competitive advantages, is an important measure to improve the supply and expanding demand, both imperative, it is a long-term plan.
      Focus "Made in China 2025" focus areas, enterprises play the main role, according to principled maintain pressure, market-oriented, in order to improve the quality and efficiency as the goal. Faced with these new policies, new opportunities, enterprises should be how to enhance independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of it? China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said Chen Fengying, director of the world economy: "'Thirteen Five' plan, it must be a transition plan to upgrade, that is changing the concept of development, policy change, which must be judged in the enterprise Second, companies according to their ability and needs to find new space for development. Every business situation is different, we can see the "Internet +" is a very good argument, the potential will be great, but every enterprise the situation is not the same, it is in what way can the new formats and traditional industries combined, which requires innovative capability. "
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